Residential Heating Repair

At Comfort Technologies, we provide high quality residential heating repair services in Arlington the DFW area. Our HVAC service pricing is comfortable, too!

Our HVAC technicians have the proper training, experience, and certifications to exceed your expectations while completing any repair service. Fill out our service request form, give us a call, or live chat with our representative. We’ll respond asap and provide a professional, skilled technician to repair your heater and have your home feeling comfortable again.

What You Can Expect

  • Job Done Right and On-Time
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Responsive Service
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Professional Technicians

We service all makes and models of heating equipment. Call us, live chat with us, or fill out our online form to schedule your in-home service today!

What’s wrong with my heating system? 

Before you call us, check to see if one or more of these four common culprits aren’t the cause(s) of your residential heating issues:

  1. Thermostat settings As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, it’s easy to forget to change your thermostat from cool mode to heat mode. Be sure to check or change your thermostat’s settings to keep your system working and your home comfortable.
  2. Check your furnace switch Your furnace has a switch, similar to a light switch. For the system to work, the switch should be in the up, or on, position. Most furnaces have a built-in delay, so once you turn the switch on, give it 5 minutes to start functioning.
  3. Change your furnace filter Dirty filters are one of the most common reasons for inefficient furnace performance and one of the easiest problems to prevent. Filters should be changed regularly for optimal performance.
  4. Circuit breaker not sending electricity to equipment Once you locate your circuit breaker, find the switch that corresponds with your heating equipment. Look to see if the switch is in the on, middle position, or the off position. If the switch is off, reset your breaker and turn the switch back into the on position. If this doesn’t work or you suspect another issue, call or contact us today to schedule a service appointment. Be sure to request our free system assessment and estimate.

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