Residential Annual Comfort Agreements

If you’re a homeowner, you’re invited to join Comfort Technology’s customized heating & air maintenance program.

Our residential HVAC maintenance program, or Annual Comfort Agreement, ensures that your heating & air equipment’s components are inspected for functionality and performance twice a year. Other benefits of being an ACA member are priority service, reduced cost on repair services, reduced cost on installation services, reduced diagnostic fees on week days and weekends, and replacing the filter twice a year at no additional cost. Most important, residential ACA members enjoy peace of mind knowing that Comfort Technologies’ trained professionals are looking out for your family’s comfort year-round.

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family happy to sign an HVAC annual comfort agreement

For a full list of Annual Comfort Agreement inspection tasks and benefits click here:

Four reasons that heating & air equipment maintenance is important:

  1. Reduced energy consumption
    Over time, your heating and cooling system may experience problems with a dirty filter or clogged coils. This results in higher energy consumption and costly utility bills. Preventive maintenance ensures your equipment is running at its highest efficiency, thus keeping your energy costs low without having to sacrifice comfort.
  2. Peace of mind
    Routine maintenance provided by your ACA membership assures your equipment will be ready to provide comfortable living in the heat of summer or cold of winter.
  3. Extend equipment’s life
    A well-maintained residential HVAC system is a long-lasting one. During our regular ACA maintenance visits, we can make precise comfort adjustments and replace worn or stressed parts that will extend the lifetime of your system.
  4. Save money
    Over the long run, regular residential HVAC maintenance costs much less than major repairs or replacements. Comfort Technologies’ ACA members can rely on our knowledgeable and professional heating and cooling technicians to perform complete inspections and check-ups. Contact us to request an ACA in-home visit at your convenience.

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