There’s never a good time for a commercial HVAC system to go down, but when this happens in Texas during the hot summer months, an inconvenience can become a crisis. Whether you’re faced with an emergency or a planned event, spot coolers can provide the climate-control solution you need in an affordable, convenient package.

spot coolerFrom server rooms to banquet halls, spot coolers are used to provide an efficient and effective temporary climate control solution in a diverse range of settings, particularly those that require on-the-spot cooling for a targeted area.

“Typically, we use spot coolers to compensate for part, material or new equipment lead-times,” said Jacob Wheeler, Vice President for Comfort Technologies. Comfort Technologies LLC, your local HVAC contractor, services the entire North Texas metroplex.

“For instance,” Jacob said, “Let’s say a commercial unit has a bad compressor, and the new compressor must be shipped from the factory which will take five business days. In this case, we’d install spot coolers to provide temporary air conditioning until we were able to install the new compressor.”

Benefits to Spot Coolers

Advantages to using spot coolers for temporary temperature control include:

  • Achieve a wide range of temperatures;
  • Pre-program the unit for 24-hour convenience and temperature control;
  • Portability and quick installation;
  • Quiet operation allows for cooling in any setting while maintaining acceptable noise levels; and
  • Cost-effective performance.

spot cooler installed

“Comfort Technologies keeps numerous spot coolers in inventory so we can respond immediately to our customers’ needs,” Jacob said. “They’re specifically designed for commercial application.”

Our Spot Cooler Specs

Comfort Technologies’ spot coolers are one-ton systems, which provide maximum versatility. Our spot coolers:

  • Utilize 120 volts for power;
  • Fit standard power outlets/sockets, which allows for easy installation and portability; and
  • Are designed to fit in standard T-bar ceilings of most commercial buildings. The heat they remove from the space gets put into the ceiling via a duct.

Easy and Convenient Spot Cooler Rental

If you’re interested in renting spot coolers from Comfort Technologies, just give us a call.