Turning the heat on in your home for the first time in months can be an adventure. Did something smell a little funny or sound a little weird? Or are you unsure how to begin? The pros at Comfort Technologies have put together a simple checklist that you can use to ensure your toes will stay warm all winter:

  • Look for excessive dust or debris on heating elements and the heat exchanger. Excess debris or dust on heating elements can cause a fire. Use a small soft brush to remove dust or debris if present.
  • Test your thermostat. With age, thermostats can become inaccurate which can lead to your system running much too long or not long enough.
  • It’s common upon first seasonal operation to have a burning smell come from your vents. That smell should fade away after 30 minutes of operation. However, if there are any visible signs of smoke or a scent of natural gas, there’s a problem. Shut off your system and call a pro.
  • Listen for unusual sounds during initial start-up, such as the way the fan sounds indoors. Can you hear smooth operation of the fan, or does it sound irregular or non-existent?
  • If you have a unit located in a closet, make sure the return duct has a clear path with no objects blocking air passage.
  • Similarly, be sure to remove any flammable objects from within a three-foot radius of your heater.
  • To save on your heating bills, check for cracks in door and windows seals. Even the smallest crevices can make a large difference.
  • How’s your air filter look? Check it and be sure to replace it if it’s dirty.
  • While you’re at it, check your C02 and smoke detector. Replace batteries in these devices, then check them for proper operation by pressing the test button.

Don’t ignore the warning signs of an HVAC system that might be in need of a tune up, a repair, or even a replacement.  Use this checklist and be sure. And always, if any of these tasks seem too daunting, call your local HVAC professional like Comfort Technologies. We’re here to help!

Peace of mind

Manufacturers of HVAC systems recommend performing regular system maintenance twice each year: winter and summer. Comfort Technologies offers an Annual Comfort Agreement which includes two thorough system inspections and maintenance visits per year. Learn more about Comfort Technologies’ Annual Comfort Agreement today.

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