When you work in a service-oriented profession like we do at Comfort Technologies, the most important goals we set for ourselves are related to customer service. When we say our motto is “Exceeding Expectations,” we really mean it. Responding to our customers’ HVAC needs quickly, efficiently, fairly, professionally and honestly has allowed us to grow our heating and air conditioning business in a way that makes us all really proud.

This goal of excellent customer service is one that we all share. But for the last two years, every employee at Comfort Technologies has also participated in an individual goal-setting exercise that is really making a difference.

My rules for these goals are quite simple. I ask each person to set a minimum of two goals: at least one personal goal and at least one work-related goal. Of course, there’s no problem with setting more than one of each goal! The great thing is that nearly every member of our team chooses to set even more than that; our average is 6-7 goals per person.

Here are some examples of professional goals that our employees set for 2020:

  • Complete a business-to-business training workshop by August
  • Proactively reach out to all of the techs once a month to see if they need anything
  • Bid out 10 jobs per month
  • Read The Healthy Workplace by March 1
  • Be more involved with the company’s direction and business decisions
  • Make sure all work vans are on the road by servicing them in a timely manner
  • Plan at least four company team building events
  • Lean something new about all of the other departments
  • Achieve $50,000 in sales of Projects as a Team
  • Work on two new pieces of equipment this year

Here are some personal goals that our employees set for 2020:

  • Hit my first birdie
  • Read one book per month
  • Exercise 30 minutes a day during the week
  • Eat fish two days a week as a source of protein
  • Spend less time on my phone
  • Take at least three walks per week with my kids
  • Be more of a spiritual leader in my house hold by attending church more
  • Drink at least 16oz of water daily
  • Launch a wellness brand online by June 1
  • Limit video games to Saturday and Sundays only

These are all great goals! Why? We follow the SMART system for goal-setting:

  • Specific: simple, sensible, and significant
  • Measurable: meaningful and motivating
  • Achievable: agreed and attainable
  • Relevant: reasonable, realistic, resourced, and results-based
  • Time bound: time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, and time-sensitive

The SMART system allows each of us to easily review the progress we’re making toward achieving our goals. I want all our employees to succeed professionally and personally. The only way to stay motivated is to see progress by measuring it.

At Comfort Technologies, that measurement takes place every quarter. Each team member and I individually discuss our progress on reaching our goals as well as reasons for successes or stumbling along the way. We also help each other think of ways to reach our goals that we haven’t grasped on our own.

Our team really enjoys hearing everyone’s reasons for success — and sometimes humorous and honest reasons for failure — and when all said and done, this quarterly meeting brings everyone closer together.

In January, we all complete a simple form. On that form, we acknowledge our successes from the previous year or share insights on how to better position ourselves for the next year. We update our goals as needed, and we’re on our way.

At Comfort Technologies, we know that broad goals and strategic initiatives are necessary for our business’ operational and financial success. We’ve also found that when all of our employees choose and celebrate meaningful, individual goals for themselves, it not only helps them improve their lives but it builds a special sense of community within our team.

Jacob Wheeler
Vice President, Comfort Technologies

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