It’s bluebonnet season in Texas, one of the most beautiful times of the year. But for folks suffering with allergies or asthma, springtime pollens can also trigger sneezing, itchy eyes and respiratory problems. Now’s the time to ensure that those triggers aren’t sneaking inside your home or office.

Good news! There are several ways you can improve your indoor air quality. The professionals at Comfort Technologies Air Conditioning and Heating –who’ve helped North Texans create comfortable, breathable indoor spaces for over 16 years — have put together this list of wide-ranging options designed to meet your needs.

Get to know the MERV scale. “When you purchase your replacement air filters, consider the MERV rating,” said Jacob Wheeler, Vice President of Comfort Technologies. “The MERV scale rates the quality and density of filtration materials used.”

Just like a bed sheet with a higher thread count is softer, a filter with a higher MERV rating is more tightly woven and better at catching small particles in the air. This will help alleviate your allergic reactions. “The higher the rating, the more expensive the filter,” said Jacob, “so if you’re ready to step up from a standard filter, look for a rating at around an 8.


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UV Lights. “Airborne bacteria can easily collect and grow inside the air handler blower section of your unit,” said Jacob. “A great way to combat that is by working with an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) professional to install a UV light to kill the bacteria. It’s not that expensive and very effective.”

Drain pan tablets.  Drain pan tablets are inexpensive and, said Jacob, “play an important role in eating away mold.” Drain pan tablets are available at hardware stores like Home Depot and through online marketplaces like Amazon.

Have your ducts and the vents cleaned professionally. All across the DFW metroplex, residential and commercial development continues to boom. “If you live or work near a construction site,” said Jacob, “or it’s been a long time since you’ve had regular system maintenance, I suggest a professional duct and vent cleaning. At Comfort Technologies, we provide that kind of comprehensive service. I can tell you from experience that it really helps improve indoor air quality and extends the life of your heating and air conditioning system, too.”

Dehumidify. Humidity is definitely a contributing factor to poorer air quality and generate an allergic reaction to air conditioning. Luckily, humidity levels in North Texas aren’t nearly as high as in, say, Houston. Regardless, the optimal range is 30-50%, so if your home or office exceeds 50%, consider investing in a dehumidifier to supplement your HVAC system’s dehumidifying effects.

Electric air cleaners. Instead of a filter, a professional technician can install an electric air cleaner. It’s directly connected to you HVAC unit. “While this is the most expensive option, many of our customers go this route because it’s so effective,” said Jacob. “The cleaner scrubs the air before it’s pulled into the unit. Other benefits are that air cleaners are easy to clean and you don’t have to replace them like you do a standard air filter.”

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