How can you help keep your air conditioner unit humming through this summer and many summers to come? The HVAC experts at Comfort Technologies have a pro tip that you can DIY.

Cleaning the outside condenser coil annually is imperative to keeping your air conditioning system working properly,” said Jacob Wheeler, Vice President of Comfort Technologies. “In order to work through the worst heat of summer, components such as compressors and condenser fan motors must be able to keep their cool.”

Coils full of dust, grime and grass clippings are more than just unsightly. “Dirty coils can and will cause your air conditioner unit to suffocate,” said Jacob, “because the system doesn’t get enough air flow. Dirty coils result in a less productive system, a less comfortable environment in your home, and higher electricity bills. There’s also a higher risk that a major component will fail.”

While the technicians at Comfort Technologies are available to perform all preventative maintenance activities in your home, you can choose to clean the condenser coil yourself. The best time to do it is now, in late Spring or early Summer.


STEP 1: Before you begin, disconnect the power to the condensing unit. Electrical disconnects will be mounted next to the condenser on the exterior of your home or on the unit itself. Depending on your system, you’ll either switch the power to off or, in some cases, you’ll need to pull the fuse block from the disconnect to kill power.

HVAC technician cleaning air conditioner condenser coil

After disconnecting it from its power source, remove debris from all around the condenser unit before you clean it.

STEP 2:  Check the area all around the unit to ensure there is 30 inches of clearance from weeds or plants, debris, etc. The condenser fan motor needs this clearance to pull the proper amount of air across the condenser coil.

STEP 3:  With a garden hose attached to an outdoor water spigot, use medium water pressure and start to clean the coil. It’s important to use enough pressure to see water running through the coil but not so much pressure that the fins of the coil start to bend or get pushed flat.

STEP 4:  Begin at the top of the coil and gradually make your way down. Continue to go from the top down and all the way around the entire unit. For best results, go slowly. This should not take more than 30 minutes but should take more than 10 minutes for proper cleaning.

STEP 5:  Keep spraying until there is no visible dirt and debris on the exterior of the coil and you see clean water coming out of the coil inside the unit. The clean water lets you know that no more dirt and debris are lodge inside the coil.

STEP 6:  After you’re finished cleaning, turn the power back on and wait for the unit to start again. It might take a couple minutes. Now, congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Peace of mind: Annual Comfort Agreements

Manufacturers of HVAC systems actually recommend performing regular system maintenance twice each year: winter and summer. Fortunately, Comfort Technologies offers an Annual Comfort Agreement which includes two thorough system inspections and maintenance visits per year. For more information, please view Comfort Technologies’ Annual HVAC Comfort Agreement.

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